Xanana Gusmão Reading Room (XGRR) conducted the activity on book discussion to invite the speaker Mr. Janio Tilman, a lecturer in the Department of International Relations, UNTL, as well as the current President of JCI Timor-Leste. Speaker Janio Tilman from Manufahi Municipality, graduated from the National University of Timor-Lorosae, Faculty of Education Arts and Humanities, Department of English Language. Mr. Janio has many experiences writing poetry, music with various titles, so the reading room invited the speaker on book discussion talk with the youth focusing on (The Literary Poetry Works see from the Perspective of Sociolinguistic). The speaker added that “I am very pleased to be invited to attract a variety of students; UNTL, and private universities. Many students were very interesting to know how to write books and what challenges a writer faces, I think they are interested and curious to know. Some have started writing but how to develop better so that it can write better, I try to bring them to the literary work especially poem from a sociolinguistic perspective, I have seen many real reactions and a student from UNTL took the Faculty of Agriculture asking that some poems should focus on agriculture so that it can open young people, and the leaders mind so that they can pay maximum attention to the agriculture part to resolve the economic crisis in our country. This shows that they have a good will to learn much.

“The participant Felizarda Trindade Soares also said “I am very happy and the benefits I have received while discussion with the speaker Janio Tilman as a wonderful experience for me as well as an excellent opportunity because I can learn much especially in literary works of poetry in a sociolinguistic perspective, so far I have been able to write some works about poetry but I don’t know exactly how best we can use it, at this time I can find ways and ways that can help me to write. The participant Jose dos Santos also added that “I am proud and this is a great privilege because I can learn from speaker Janio Tilman as a very skilled and skilled youth, I myself have learned a lot from the speaker today, especially how we can use the written method and also have the motivation that can inspire me to write and read more. We are honored by the opportunities that the reading room has always created to give us all the young people the opportunity to participate in activities especially in seminar, workshops, socialization activities because they invite speakers who come from different areas to share their knowledge with young people who always have access to the reading room.”

At this time the maximum participation of the students of UNTL, UNITAL, and UNDIL was attended by a total of forty-nine (49) participants while attracting the participants active and the speaker facilitated a very integrative discussion and they understood deeper the theme.


Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão (SLXG) realiza atividade dada lia kona ba livru hodi konvida oradór Sr. Janio Tilman nu’udar Dosente iha departamentu Relasaun Internasionál, UNTL hanesan mós Prezidenti atuál JCI Timor-Leste.

Oradór Sr. Janio Tilman orijinalidade husi Munisipiu Manufahi, remata estudu iha Universidade Nasionál Timor-Lorosa’e, Fakuldade Edukasaun Arte no Umanidade, Departamentu Lian Inglés. Sr. Janio iha esperiénsia barak hakerek ona Poezia, Muzika ho títulu oioin, ho ida ne’e mak Sala Leitura konvida Oradór hodi dada lia ho joven sira foka liu ba (Obra Literaria Poezia haree husi Perspetiva Sosiolinguistika). Oradór akresenta katak “Ha’u haksolok tebes hetan konvite ida ne’e hodi dada lia ho estudante oioin; UNTL, no Universitáriu privadu sira. Estudante barak mak interesante tebes hakarak hatene maneira hakerek livru no sá dezafiu mak eskritór ida hasoru, ha’u hanoin sira interese no kuriozidade hakarak hatene. Balu hahú ona hakerek maibé oinsá dezenvolve di’ak liu tan atu bele hakerek di’ak liu tan, ha’u tenta lori sira ba haree obra literária liuliu poezia haree husi perspetiva sosiolinguístika, ha’u haree reasaun barak loos no estudante ida husi UNTL foti Fakuldade Agrikultura nia husu katak poezia balu bele foka mós ba agrikultura atu nune’e bele loke joven, no Na’i ulun sira nia hanoin atu bele tau atensaun másimu mós ba iha parte agrikultura hodi rezolve krize ekonomia iha ita-nia rai laran. Ida ne’e hatudu katak sira iha boa vontade ne’ebé di’ak tebes hodi aprende barak”.

Haktuir mós husi partisipante Felizarda Trindade Soares “Ha’u sente kontente tebes no benefísiu ne’ebé ha’u hetan durante dada lia ho oradór Sr. Janio Tilman hanesan esperiénsia ne’ebé furak mai ha’u hanesan mós oportunidade ne’ebé furak tanba ha’u bele aprende buat barak liuliu iha obra literária poezia haree ba iha perspetiva sosiolinguístika, durante ne’e ha’u konsege hakerek ona obra balu kona ba poezia maibé seidauk hatene lolos maneira ne’ebé di’ak liu ita bele uza hodi hakerek, iha biban ne’e ha’u bele hetan dalan no maneira balu ne’ebé bele ajuda ona ha’u hodi hakerek. Nune’e hatutan tan mós husi partisipante José dos Santos “Ha’u sente orgullu no ida ne’e hanesan priviléjiu boot tanba bele aprende ho Sr. oradór Janio Tilman hanesan foin-sa’e ida ne’ebé matenek no iha abilidade ne’ebé barak tebes, ha’u rasik ohin konsege aprende buat lubuk ida husi oradór liuliu métodu ne’ebé di’ak ita bele uza hakerek no hetan mós motivasaun ne’ebé bele inspira ha’u atu badinas hakerek no lee barak liu tan. Sente onra ho oportunidade sira ne’ebé Sala Leitura sempre kria hodi fó oportunidade ba ami joven hotu hodi mai partisipa atividade sira liuliu iha atividade semináriu, workshop, sosializasaun tanba konvida oradór sira ne’ebé mai ho área diferente hodi fahe sira nia matenek mai joven sira ne’ebé sempre mai asesu iha Sala Leitura”.

Iha dada lia ne’e hetan partisipasaun másimu husi estudante UNTL, UNITAL, no UNDIL totál partisipante haat nulu resin sia (49) durante dada lia partisipante sira ativu no oradór fasilita diskusaun ne’ebé interativu tebes no sira komprende kle’an kona ba temátiku refere.