Aluga ami-nia fatin

Hato’o pedidu konaba halo ami-nia espasu komunidade sai mos ita-boot nian!

Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão nu’udar fatin di’ak tebes ba komunidade, ami hakarak atu haree ita-boot nia mehi sai realidade iha ami-nia fatin. Tantu atu hala’o treinamentu, enkontru, espozisaun, lansa livru, loke filme, diskusaun ka eventu saida de’it, ami sei halo esforsu tomak atu ajuda ita-boot sira ho fasilitasaun. Favór halo pedidu hodi uza formláriu iha kraik ne’e no ami sei responde ita-boot durante oras 24 nia laran.



  • The standard fee will be charged for all bookings.
  • Discounted fee (50% of standard price fee) will be charged for non-profit community organisations or voluntary organisations or for community meetings. It is not applicable for government organisations, international organisations, schools or other organisations or individuals, that are funded for facility hire or derive an income from the activity.
  • Payment payable on the day of use.
  • Note: cancelation of booking – you must inform us at least 2 days in advance, otherwise you will be charged 15% of total payable. It is your responsibility to inform your guest and or participants regarding the cancelation of the event.




Exhibition Space and Foyer

 Standard feeDiscounted fee (50%)
Per hour$20.00$10.00
Per day up to 8 hours$80.00$40.00
Per week (6 working days of 8 hours – Monday to Saturday)$360.00 (discount 25%)$240.00


Uma Mahon Space

 Standard feeDiscounted fee (50%)
Per hour$30.00$15.00
Per day up to 8 hours$90.00$45.00
Per week (6 working days of 8 hours – Monday to Saturday)$405.00 (discount 25%)$270.00


Combination of Both Spaces

 Standard feeDiscounted fee (50%)
Per hour$40.00$35.00
Per day up to 8 hours$150.00$85.00
Per week (6 working days of 8 hours – Monday to Saturday)$675.00 (discount 25%)$510.00


Additional Services

Staff Assistance – applied if you would like to run activities after working hours and holiday, 1 staff from XGRR will have to assist.$7.00 per hour / $20.00 per 4 hours
Cleaning fee – applied if venue not left in a satisfactory state of cleanliness$30.00
Museum Tour            In kind donation
Morning or afternoon tea – includes tea, coffee, water, biscuits per session.$3.00
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