Tetun is one of the two official languages of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This Word-finder is designed to help English speakers understand new words in Tetun, and to find the words they are looking for, as well as to help Timorese learners of English. With some 4500 Tetun entries and 4900 English ones, it is aimed at beginner and intermediate level language learners. It includes mainly words of general interest which are widely used in everyday life.

The list includes words borrowed into Tetun from various languages. (E) indicates that this is a Portuguese loan which is at this stage mainly known by educated people, especially those with Portuguese schooling.(P) marks Portuguese numbers.(I) indicates a word borrowed from Indonesian; these are normally avoided in formal situations. (Eng) indicates an English loan. Amongst native Tetun words, (Lit) indicates that the word is used mainly in liturgical (church) and formal contexts.

Languages: English, Tetun
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