Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão

Buka hatene tanbasa Sala Leitura nudar espasu komunidade mak ema hotu gosta liu iha Dili.


A free public library, museum and community space in Dili, Timor-Leste.

Open Hours
Monday–Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

“In 2000, the year I established the Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão, Timor-Leste was still getting back on its feet in the wake of a long and violent struggle for self-determination. I wanted this little Reading Room to be a place for people, particularly the young, to rediscover a sense of purpose through books and learning. And to find hope and a sense of pride in their identity as a brave people in the newest nation of the 21st century! Come with me and explore this special place.”
Kirsty Sword Gusmão
Founder, Xanana Gusmão Reading Room

The Library

Our library at the Xanana Gusmão Reading Room is open for the public and is home to an extensive collection of books and multimedia materials. Our collections include a wide range of topics and children’s books/activities. Our library catalogue is also available to view online. Customers within the library can access free internet and learn about Timor-Leste and its history through our audio-visual selections.

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The Museum

The museum at the Xanana Gusmão Reading Room will enable you to immerse yourself in Timor-Leste’s historical journey to independence and celebrate today’s art and culture. Come visit our permanent and temporary rolling exhibitions by local and international artists. There are a diverse array of events and exhibitions happening at the museum on any given day. A fusion of art, music, culture and current affairs. Come visit us.

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The Xanana Gusmão Reading Room is a free for the public library, museum and community space in Dili, Timor-Leste. The Reading Room was opened in June of 2000 by founder Kirsty Sword-Gusmão with the goal of being a safe, open space for the community to learn and thrive- a culture that continues to be upheld today in everything that we do. Sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch with what we are doing.

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