On Thursday, 11 February 2021, Xanana Gusmão Reading Room (XGRR) with the Vice Minister for education, youth and sport, Mr. Antonio Guterres launched the book “Alicia’s Diary 2” for the second edition in Uma Mahon, XGRR. This event also held to commemorate International Day of Women’s and Girls in science.

The “Alicia’s Diary 2”  book written by Curt “Gabriel” Gabrielson, and this book is continuation of the “Alicia’s Diary” that was launched in 2018. In this book we can learn about simple science and mathematics use material that we see every day.

Curt ‘ Gabriel ‘ Gabrielson expressed his gratitude for the whole team involved in this book production: “I would like to express my thank you for Reading Room who work hard to produce the “Alicia’s Diary  2”, for my friend Moises Pele which do illustration to make this book more beautiful”.

In addition, the Vice Minister of education youth and sports, Antonio Guterres said in his speech that, Xanana Gusmão Reading Room  as a transformation Centre for the new generations to learn and read so that the students can describe new science.


“I feel honor, today I came to stand in this place, a place where in the past I was a student came to learn and read the books, although today has a different situation. So that I want to congratulate XGRR, where still provide space for students and youth to promote the development of science and technology in Timor-Leste through learn and read more. “Said the Vice Minister.

Besides that, the Vice Minister also encourages student and youth must accustomed themselves to read, write and do research to learn science better.

“On this occasion, I want to leave a message and encourage you that, reading books have a big advantage, inspire us especially for the teachers, because book is information and science center and book also become refreshing tools for ourselves.” Said Vice Minister.

The “Alicia’s Diary 2” was produced in three languages are Tetum, Portuguese and English with total production 800 exemplar.

While in these events attended by Government members, the Ambassador of Portugal and European Union Ambassador, books shop in Dili, library partnerships, local and international NGOS include youth, University students from various University – in Dili.


Iha loron Kinta, dia 11 fevereiru 2021, Sala leitura Xanana Gusmão hamutuk ho Vice Ministo ba Edukasaun no Desportu, Sr. Antonio Guterres lansa livru ho titulu “Alicia Nia Diariu 2” ba edisaun daruak nian iha uma mahon SLXG. Eventu ida ne’e hala’o hodi komemora mos Loron Internasional feto iha siensia.

Livru “ Alicia Nia Diariu 2” hakerek husi autor Curt “ Gabriel” Gabrielson, no livru refere hanesan kontinuasaun husi Livru “ Alicia Nia Diariu “ ne’ebé mak lansa iha tinan 2018. Iha livru ne’e nia laran ita bele aprende kona ba siensia no matematika ho maneira simples uza material ne’ebé mak ita haree loron-loron.

Curt ‘Gabriel’ Gabrielson hato’o ninia agradese wain ba ekipa tomak ne’ebé mak envolve iha produsaun livru “Alicia Nia Diariu 2” ne’e : “ Hau hakarak hato’o hau nia obrigado barak ba Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão ne’ebé mak servisu makas hodi produs livru Alicia Nia Diariu 2, ba hau nia kolega Moises Pele ne’ebé mak halo ilustrasaun hodi halo livru ne’e furak liu tan”.

Iha okaziaun ne’e mos, Vice Ministro ba Edukasaun no Desportu, Antonio Guterres iha nia intervensaun hateten katak, Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmao  sai hanesan sentru tranformasaun ba jerasaun foun sira hodi aprende no le’e barak hodi deskrobre siensia foun.

“Sente orgullu no honra bo’ot ida ba hau, ohin hau mai hamrik fali iha fatin ida ne’e, fatin ida  ne’ebe uluk hau rasik mos wainhira sei estudante sempre mai aprende no le’e iha ne’e, maske ohin situasaun diferente ona. Tamba ne’e hau kongratula SLXG, iha ne’ebe nafatin fo espasu ba estudante no juventude sira hodi promove dezenvolvimentu siensia no teknolojia iha timor leste liu husi aprende no le’e barak. “Tenik Vice Ministro”.

Iha sorin seluk, Vice Ministro ne’e mos enkoraja estudante no juventude sira, tenke hatoman a’an le’e, hakerek no halo peskiza hodi bele aprende seinsia sira ho diak.

“Ba biban ida ne’e, hau hakarak husik hela mensajen no enkoraja ita bo’ot sira katak, le’e livru ne’e iha vantajen bo’ot, inspira ita liu – liu edukador sira, tamba livru ne’e sai hanesan sentru informasaun, sentru siensia ida no livru mos sai hanesan instrumentu refreshing ida ba ita a’an”. “Hateten Vice Ministro”.

Livru “Alicia Nia Diariu 2” ne’e produs iha lian tolu mak hanesan tetun, portuges, no ingles ho total produsaun 800 exemplar.

Enkuantu atividade lansamentu ne’e hetan partisipa husi membru governu, eis titulares, Embaixador Portugal, Embaixador Uniaun Europea, kompaña livru sira iha Dili laran, biblioteka parseria sira, NGO local no internasional inklui juventude, estudante, universitariu sira husi universidade oin – oin iha Dili laran.