National Seminar of LGBTQI

LGBTQI Socialization

Xanana Gusmão Reading Room (XGRR) held a socialisation activity about LGBTQI for inviting speaker Mrs. Isabel Antonia da Costa Galhos as an advisor of the President of the Republic and also as a founder of the ARQUIRIS Timor-Leste Organisation.
The LGBTQI community is part of the society of Timor-Leste to be a citizen who contributes to the development of the country. However, in the community there are often problems to address and speak harshly to people living as LGBTQI. In this way XGRR invited Mrs. Bella Galhos to be the speaker for a seminar entitled the role of the LGBT community for National development and Social Reaction for LGBTQI in era Milenial. The speaker said that “To struggle for those who are living as LGBT or Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender is not easy and it is not just us, it is our fight. Members of Arquiris themselves had many victims who were hit, punched, and driven away from home because they did not accept LGBT people. I myself was five years old when my Father sold me to people because he did not receive the living conditions that I had, by the end when I returned to him with the knowledge that I had, so he repented. In this way, we who live in the LGBT community are often exempted from normal words, brochures, brochures, and other words that we feel are not comfortable, but I want to say that we are God’s creatures and we can do something similar.
The participants Hilaria da Conceicao said that “today I am happy because the Reading Room created this activity so that we can learn with the speakers and can understand the role of LGBT people in Timor-Leste, in particular to their participation in the nation development, the one of them is Mana Bella Galhos at the moment as an advisor for president and the participant Albino da Costa “I am very proud of the opportunity today because I can learn new things from the speaker because many times my friends young people are rudely rude to LGBT people, and now I will try to remind them that they are a human in our society.”
In this socialization was attended by students from UNTL, UNITAL, and UNDIL the total participants seventy-eight (78) during the socialization of active participants and speakers facilitates an integrated discussion and they understand the theme.

Sisializasaun LGBTQI

Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão (SLXG) realiza atividade sosializasaun kona ba LGBTQI hodi konvida oradóra Sra. Isabel Antonia da Costa Galhos nu’udar asesóra pesoál prezidente da Republica hanesan mós fundadóra ba organizasaun ARQUIRIS Timor-Leste.
Komunidade LGBTQI hola parte ba iha Sosiedade Timor-Leste hodi hamriik hanesan sidadaun ida ne’ebé kontribui mós ba dezenvolvimentu nasaun nian. Maibé iha komunidade dala barak sempre mosu problema oioin hodi desfama no ko’alia ho lia kro’at ba ema sira ne’ebé moris hanesan LGBTQI. Ho ida ne’e mak SLXG konvida Señora Bella Galhos hodi sai Oradóra ba semináriu ho tema Papél Komunidade LGBT ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasionál no Reasaun Sosiál ba Komunidade LGBTQI iha Era Mileniál. Oradóra akresenta katak “Luta ba ema sira ne’ebé moris kondisaun LGBT ka Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender la’os fasil no ida ne’e la’os ami de’it, ne’e ita hotu nia luta. Membru Arquiris rasik iha vítima barak tebes ne’ebé hetan baku, tuku, até duni sai husi uma tan de’it la simu ema sira ne’ebé moris hanesan LGBT. Ha’u rasik tinan lima de’it ha’u nia aman fa’an tia ha’u ba ema tanba de’it nia la simu ho kondisaun moris ida ne’ebé agora ha’u iha, to’o ikus bainhira ha’u fila ba nia ho koñesimentu matenek sira ne’ebé ha’u iha entaun nia foin arrepende. Ho ida ne’e atu hatete katak ami sira ne’ebé moris ho kondisaun LGBT ema sempre hasai ho liafuan la normál, panleiru, bermanek, no liafuan oioin ne’ebé ami sente la konfortável, maibé ha’u atu hatete katak ami mós kriatura Maromak nian no ami bele halo buat ruma hanesan mós seluk halo”.
Partisipante Hilaria da Conceição hato’o katak “ohin ha’u kontente tanba Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão kria ona atividade ida ne’e hodi ami bele aprende ho señora Oradora no bele komprende papél LGBT nian iha Timor liuliu sira sira nia kontribuisaun ba dezenvolvimentu nasaun, ezemplu ida mak Mana Bella Galhos agora dadaun sai hanesan Asesora ba Presidente da Republica” haktuir mós hosi partisipante Albino da Costa “ha’u sente onradu tebes ho oportunidade ohin loron tanba ha’u bele aprende buat ne’ebé foun husi señora oradóra tanba dala barak ha’u nia kolega joven maluk sira sempre hasai liafuan la ho respeitu ba ema LGBT sira, agora ba oin ha’u sei koko atu fó hanoin ba sira atu respeitu mós sira hanesan ema umanu ida iha ita-nia sosiedade”
Iha sosializasaun ne’e hetan partisipasaun másimu husi estudante UNTL, UNITAL, no UNDIL totál partisipante hitu nulu resin ualu (78) durante sosializasaun partisipante sira ativu no oradóra fasilita diskusaun ne’ebé interativu tebes no sira komprende kle’an kona ba temátiku refere.