Our partners are a central part of our story and our success. Our collaborations with Alumni of Timor-Leste’s Youth Parliament, Care Timor-Leste, Cannox media, Centro Nacional Chega (CNC) and Youth Community Care (YCC) explore practical ways to teach skills and concepts, literacy and numeracy  through place based learning strategies.

Youth forums encourage a sharing of knowledge and empowerment. Weekly seminars and discussions cover a broad range of topics related to gender issues, good governance, employment, politics and social issues regularly hosted by current and past members of Parliament and community leaders.

Our project partners in 2019 built significant library capacity and service delivery in community libraries and special libraries in Timor-Leste through the UNESCO funded Koha Library management System introduced into the CHEGA,  Centru Treinamentu de Recursu Aileu, Bibleoteka TNCC Iliomar, Bibleoteka Ermera, Bibleoteka ESSA Baucau libraries. Creating Timor-Leste’s first union library catalogue on the web.

XGRR offers regular programs for preschool, primary and secondary school students, including library and museum tours, storytelling, and school holiday activities. Drama sessions, film evenings and language classes cater for university students and the general public.