The Memories ’99 Exhibition

Gaspar Freitas’ memory from 1999

To remember those involved in the 1999 Timor-Leste referendum day the  Xanana Gusmao Reading Room will be holding an exhibition. We invite anyone who has a personal story from this time to come and share. From the 1st until the 31st of August we are going to hold an exhibition in the museum to share everyday people’s stories. This exhibition has a focus on how everyday people were effected, not just the hero’s that many people hear about more commonly.

If you have something to share with everyone please come along to the Xanana Gusmao Reading Room and fill out the ’99 memories form. We are wanting a piece of something for example news paper clipping, photos, clothing or documents. If you can bring this in to share we will take a photo or scan the document to display in the exhibition. You can bring these items in from now, until the 30th of July.