Based on the UN calendar, today we commemorate president’s day, for that Xanana Gusmão Reading Room also wants to celebrate this day through an exhibition with the theme “LET’S KNOW OUR PRESIDENT”. This exhibition focuses on biographies and history of people who have served as president of Timor Leste from 1975 to the present. The purpose of this exhibition is to share historical information about the presidents of Timor Leste  to young people, students and the community, to improve their knowledge and can inspire them to achieve their dreams.

This simple exhibition was opened by the XGRR manager Mr. Gaspar Quintino Freitas with young people and students. On that occasion Mr. Gaspar said this exhibition was conducted to give appreciation to our presidents for their work and hope to inspire young people and students in the future.

According to Cançio Correia Mendonça as a XGRR client, he felt happy and proud of this exhibition, he said that “although this celebration is simple but, I feel proud because the president is the father of the nation and through this exhibition motivate me to know more about the history of Timor Leste and I can share it again with my friends and also provide inspiration and reference for me if in the future there is an opportunity for me to commit myself to become president in the future ”.

In addition, Remizia Diana Borges also conveyed  her perception of this celebration was very important for her. “I feel that today is an important day and really inspires me because I can remember our presidents in the past through their histories and through this exhibition can improve my knowledge”.

This exhibition is held for one week, starting from today 15 February 2021 to 20 February 2021. The opening of this exhibition was attended by young people, youth groups, and students.


Bazeia ba kalendariu ONU nian ohin, ita selebra loron ba Prezidente, hoi da ne’e Sala Leitura mos hakarak selebra loron ida ne’e liu husi espozisaun temporariu ho tematiku “ MAI HATENE ITA NIA PREZIDENTE”. Espozisaun ne’e foka liu ba biografia no istoria ema hirak ne’ebé mak assume pasta hanesan prezidente Timor Leste hahu husi tinan 1975 to’o ohin loron. Objetivu husi espozisaun ne’e mak atu partilã informasaun istoriku kona ba ita nia prezidente sira ba ita nia jovem, estudante, no komunidade, nune’e bele haklean liu tan sira nia koñesementu no bele inspira sira atu atinji sira nia mehi.

Espozisaun simples ne’e loke husi Jestor SLXG Sr. Gaspar Quintino Freitas hamutuk ho jovem no estudante sira. Iha okaziaun ne’e Jerente Sala Leitura hateten katak espozisaun ne’e hala’o hodi fo apresiasaun ba ita nia prezidente sira nia servisu no espera bele fo inspirasaun ba jovem no estudante sira iha futuru.

Tuir Cançio Correia Mendonça hanesan kliente SLXG, nia sente kontente no orgulhu tebes ho espozisaun ida ne’e, nia haktuir katak “ maske selebrasaun ne’e simples maibe, hau sente orgulhu tanba prezidente hanesan aman ba nasaun no liu husi espozisaun ne’e bele motiva hau bele hatene liu tan istoria Timor nian no hau bele partilã fali ba hau nia maluk sira seluk no bele mos inspira no sai hanesan referensi ba  hau karik aban bainrua  iha oportunidade mai hau atu kandidata an ba  prezidente Timor Leste iha futuru.

Iha sorin seluk, Remizia Diana Borges mos hato’o ninia prespetiva ba selebrasaun ne’e importante tebes ba nia “ Hau sente loron ida ne’e importante no inspira tebes hau tanba bele halo hau relembra fila fali ita nia presidente sira iha tempu pasadu liu husi sira nia istoria no bele haklean liu tan hau nia koñesementu”.

Espozisaun ne’e sei loke durante semana ida hahu ohin loron segunda 15 Fevereiru 2021 to’o 20 Fevereiru 2021. Iha abertura espozisaun ne’e partsipa barak liu husi joven, grupu joven no estudante sira.