Socialization of Sexual Harassment

Socialization of Sexual Harassment

On Saturday, April 1, 2023 the Xanana Gusmão Reading Room (XGRR) conducted a socialization activity for Youth and clients with the theme Sexual Harassment. 

Reading Room invites the speaker Olinda E. Cardoso as Program Manager in Legal Assistance for Women and Children (ALFELA) and accompanied by the Executive Director of ALFELA. In this socialization the speaker explained the types of sexual assault more detailed and also presented the existence of ALFELA including the work that ALFELA does in Timor. 

The main objective of this socialization is to continue sharing information to young people, especially on issues related to social issues, as young people are the future of the country, so the SLXG always invites speakers from different areas to share information with all young people. 

An important point that the speaker shared with the participants was the type of sexual assault case, what is sexual assault, and a law that protects victims from sexual assault? An important point that the speaker himself noted was that most people did not agree with the sexual assault, but the perpetrator or people who always committed the behavior themselves did not feel that it was assault. This issue should be discussed regularly to young people so that some of the behaviours involved in sexual assault can be changed, to those of an advanced age we cannot move but with young people who are still enough to understand it to change sexual assault behaviour. “A name of sexual assault is new but it is a common behaviour that we often face in society, in the workplace, in schools, and in the public places, in Timor-Leste the problem of sexual assault is only happening but it is considered normal and no complaint is made to the competent parties to process according to the law, which makes many women very difficult to walk alone and even more difficult at night.” 

The participant Balbina da Costa, a UNTL student, was very proud to learn about sexual assault and this is the first time she heard this information. She said that “I will use this information properly to share it with my other youth colleagues, because the problem of sexual assault is a matter that really needs the contribution of all youths in the fight against the bad behaviour that always happens to women.” Thus the participant Saturnino Pereira do Rosario, UNTL Student, added that “this socialization is a wonderful way to educate us to go into society to remind people who are unknown of acts that violate our rules, we have heard this information and we must be the eyes and ears of the society to share information that is good so that we cannot commit acts that are not good for others.” 

The socialization was attended by university students; the National University of Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL), the University of Catholica Timor-Leste (UCT), the University of Oriental Timor-Lorosa’e (UNITAL) and clients who came to access the Reading Room.

Sosializasaun Asediu Seksual

Iha loron Sabadu, 1 Abril tinan 2023 Sala Leitura Xanana Gusmão (SLXG) realiza atividade sosializasaun ba Foisa’e no Kliente sira ho temátiku Asédiu Seksuál.
Sala Leitura Konvida Oradora Sra. Olinda E. Cardoso nu’udar Program Manager iha Asisténsia Legál ba Feto no Labarik (ALFELA) no akompaña mós ho Diretora Ezekutivu ALFELA nian. Iha sosializasaun ne’e Oradora esplika kle’an liu kona ba tipu asediu seksuál sira no aprezenta mós ezisténsia ALFELA nian inklui servisu sira ne’ebé ALFELA halo iha Timór.
Objetivu prinsipál hosi sosializasaun ida ne’e atu fahe nafatin informasaun ba foin-sa’e sira liuliu ba asuntu ne’ebé ligadu ho isu sosiál sira, tanba joven sira mak sai hanesan futuru nasaun ho ida ne’e SLXG sempre konvida oradór sira hosi área diferente hodi partilla informasaun ba foin-sa’e sira hotu.
Pontu importante ne’ebé oradora fahe ba partisipante sira mak tipu kazu husi asédiu seksuál ne’e rasik, saida mak asédiu seksuál no mós lei ida ne’ebé mak proteje vítima sira husi hahalok asédiu seksuál? Pontu importante ne’ebé oradóra rasik nota mak ema barak tebes la konkorda ho hahalok asédiu seksuál, maibé autór ka ema sira ne’ebé sempre komete hahalok ne’e sira rasik la sente katak hahalok ida ne’e asédiu. Asuntu ida ne’e ita presiza ko’alia beibeik ba foin-sa’e sira hodi nune’e bele muda hahalok balun ne’ebé hola parte ba iha asédiu seksuál, ba ema sira ne’ebé idade avansadu ita labele muda maibé ho joven sira ne’ebé idade sei natoon importante tebes atu komprende ida ne’e hodi muda hahalok asédiu seksuál. “Naran ida ho asédiu seksuál ne’e foun maibé hahalok ida ne’e ita beibeik ona hasoru iha sosiedade, servisu fatin, eskola, no fatin públiku sira, iha Timor-Leste problema asédiu seksuál akontese hela de’it maibé ema konsidera hanesan buat baibain no la halo keixa ruma ba iha parte kompetente hodi prosesa tuir lei, ho ida ne’e halo ema feto barak susar tebes atu la’o mesak no susar liu tan iha tempu kalan difisil tebes ba sira”.
Partisipante Balbina da Costa, estudante UNTL, sente orgullu tebes tanba bele aprende kona ba asédiu seksuál no ida ne’e pela primeira vez rona informasaun ne’e. Nia hatete katak “Ha’u sei uza didi’ak informasaun sira ne’e hodi fahe ba ha’u nia maluk joven sira seluk, tanba problema asédiu seksuál asuntu ida ne’ebé presiza duni joven hotu nia kontribuisaun hodi luta hasoru hahalok aat sira ne’ebé sempre akontese ba feto”. Nune’e partisipante Saturnino Pereira do Rosario, Estudante UNTL mós hatutan tan katak “sosializasaun ida ne’e kapás tebes tanba bele eduka ita atu ba iha sosiedade hodi fó hanoin ema sira ne’ebé seidauk koñese kona ba aktu sira ne’ebé kontra ita-nia regra sira, ita mai rona ona informasaun sira ne’e ita mós tenki sai matan no tilun ba sosiedade hodi fahe fali informasaun sira ne’ebé mak di’ak atu labele komete tan aktu sira ne’ebé mak ladún di’ak ema seluk”.
partisipa iha sosializasaun ne’e mak estudante universitáriu; Universidade Nasional Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL), Universidade Catolica Timor-Leste (UCT), Universidade Oriental Timor-Lorosa’e (UNITAL) no kliente sira ne’ebé mai asesu iha Sala Leitura.