After we published about the  writing competition, many people were very interested in joining this competition. We received lots of questions from our Facebook page regarding the criteria and how to enter the competition. For that we are taking our time today (November, 19, 2020) to brief potential competitors to explain the criteria and some information about this competition.
At this briefing there were sixteen potential competitors who attended this briefing consisting of seven male and nine female, the majority of whom were young people and university students.
After this briefing, the journalists from Radio Liberdade conducted an interview with our Manager Mr. Gaspar Quintino Freitas regarding the purpose of conducting this writing competition and also giving messages to young people about the importance of this competition.


Hafoin ami halo publikasaun kona ba kompetisaun hakerek istoria iha ema barak ne’ebé mak interese tebes hodi tuir kompetisaun ne’e. Iha kompetitor barak mak husu kona ba kompetisaun ninia lala’ok no mos kriteria sira liu husi ami nia pájina facebook ida ne’e. Tan ne’e ekipa XGRR oferese loron ida ne’e (19 Novembru 2020) hodi halo sorumutu ho kompetitor sira hodi fahe informasaun kona ba kriteria no lala’ok ba kompetisaun ida ne’e.

Sorumutu ne’e hetan partisipasaun husi kompetitor hamutuk ema nain sanulu resin ne’en (16), mane hitu (7), feto (9), ne’ebe mak maioria mai husi joven no estudante sira husi nivel ensino superior.

Depois de sorumutu, ekipa Radio Liberdade mos halo kedas intervista ho ami nia Jerente XGRR, Sr. Gaspar Quintino Freitas kona ba objetivu husi kompetisaun hakerek istoria ne’e no mos hato’o mensajen badak ba jovem sira liga ho kompetisaun ida ne’e.