Closing Ceremony 1999 Exhibition

For the end of our latest exhibition “Memory ‘99” the Xanana Gusmão Reading Room are holding an event on the exhibition’s last day, Monday 4th September. This exhibition at the Xanana Gusmão Reading Room is in memory of the events that took place in 1999 which opened the path to the restoration of independence for … Read more

’99 Memories

The “Memória 1999” exhibition was a unique opportunity for all East Timorese citizens to share their significant memories – not just the stories of heroes that people hear about more commonly. The stories gathered in the “Memória 1999” exhibition tell of people’s personal values and their pride in being part of the history of Timor-Leste’s … Read more

Australian Study Tour Group Visit

In August 2017 the Reading Room hosted a visit from participants in a Study Tour led by Mrs. Kirsty Sword Gusmão and Mrs. Nandy Gurr. This visit was an opportunity to raise funds for a scholarship program organised out of the Reading Room as a means of assisting vulnerable youth to complete their secondary studies … Read more

English Class Shared Lunch

Recently at Xanana Gusmão Reading Room we held a lunch for the english class. At this lunch we farewelled mana Sandra and welcomed some new teachers, maun Adrian and mana Bendita. Sandra has helped with the english classes at XGRR for a long time. She will be missed! Around 30 staff and students enjoyed lunch together … Read more

Next Cruise Ship Visit to Timor-Leste

This is the second cruise ship visit after the successful visit in last year. On 12th of February there was a big tourist visit coming to Dili with more than 800 people from Australia. These tourist are visiting different places in Dili such as the Resistance museum, Dare, Cristo Rei, Largo Lecidere, Santa Cruz cemetery, … Read more

Storytelling For Children

Come and enjoy with your children with this event, you can find various story about child explorers such us  Aiknanoik, Timor Leste History, Xanana’s history, etc. And there are has many games for children to develop more their mind. This events will be in the Bebeteka space, so come and join with your children. Viva Labarik Timor … Read more

Workshop for Children and Parents

We shall hold a workshop for children and parents at the Reading Room. The workshop is designed to engage parents and children to learn together with various educational activities. Some activities such as playing games, puzzles and drawing. The reading hoped that by having this workshop parents can be aware of many educational opportunities that the … Read more